Dear ShinySoap user, thanks for your loyalty and choosing our product.

Our team regrets to inform you that we are no longer distributing and promoting ShinySoap.

If you have a valid ShinySoap subscription, it will no longer auto-renew. However, you can still use ShinySoap to keep your Mac running at its best. We’ll inform you once your subscription expires.

In case you’re looking for an alternative product that cleans, optimizes, and secures your Mac, we recommend trying MacKeeper. It offers everything you love about ShinySoap, plus even more benefits like Adware Cleaner.

Got questions? We’re always ready to help.


Cleanup YOUR MAC with a Click.

SHINY SOAP does the Trick!

  • So easy that anyone can use it
  • Safe and will not harm personal files
  • Compatible
    with your Mac OS

What's inside

  • Clean up
    all Junk

    Tired of all this junk on your Mac?

    Soap finds and safely removes all old caches, logs, and unneeded language files.

  • Find Leftovers
    of old apps

    Have you trashed any apps recently?

    Soap removes the leftover files and frees up your disk space.

  • Uninstall all
    Unused Apps

    What was that app you installed a year ago?

    Soap finds the apps that you haven’t used for a long time and lets you remove them quickly and easily.


    Do you forget to clean regularly?

    Soap removes junk files automatically in the background as they appear.