Turning Ideas
Into real-world

Shinysoft is a bold new challenger to the software market. Our mission is to harness innovation in all its forms to create powerful apps unparalleled in their ease of use and beauty, but our passion is to create apps that people enjoy. Our ambition is to combine the two and create the highest-quality apps for our customers and fans.

Who We Are

Inventors. Pioneers. Innovators.

Shinysoft was founded by experts in software development, cleaning software, communication management and customer care.
Every member of our team is proud to help develop applications that are used and trusted by individuals from all around the world.

  • Macworld 2014

    This year the Shiny team had a great opportunity to visit Macworld Expo and unveil our product - Shiny Soap. Now we would like to share our enthusiasm with you, our friends.

    The Shiny team had a great time at Macworld Expo 2014 spreading the word about Shiny Soap!

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  • How We Work

    Thoroughly. Passionately. Brilliantly.

    We apply the simple philosophy to our workspace that innovative products are created when talented people and creative minds have the freedom and support to make the ideas they're passionate about a reality.

    British Virgin Islands, Tortola,
    MDE’s Building, 1st Floor, Road Town.

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